Born and Raised in Europe, Luis lives in the US where he studied Finance and Accountancy. After receiving a CPA license in the world of public accounting, he moved into the world of entrepreneurship and began helping growth businesses with strategic advisory, infrastructure builds, financial reporting, tax, and analytics. He's worked with high growth businesses in Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Cybersecurity, Software, Real Estate, Water Filtration, and other industries. 

The Technical Stuff


Financial Architecture is defined as an objective driven design and implementation of Financial Infrastructures, that's people, systems, and processes around financial operations of a business. 

Once you do enough of it, you realize that accounting and finance are just pieces within a business. To build the machine, you have to design an entire environment, an intertwined system of systems. That's the infrastructure. 



Luis  wrote the book on Financial Infrastructures and is the only consultant in the United States that specializes in building financial infrastructures for high growth businesses in the technology space. 

For a free copy of the book, contact Luis directly